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Phil Africa

PHIL AFRICA 1-10-2015

On Saturday, January 10th 2015  Phil Africa, revolutionary, John Africa’s First Minister of Defense, and beloved brother, husband and father,  passed away under suspicious circumstances at the State Correctional Institution at Dallas, PA. On Sunday, January 4th Phil Africa wasn’t feeling well and went to the prison infirmary. Though he wasn’t feeling well, other inmates saw Phil Africa walking, stretching and doing jumping jacks. Hearing that Phil was in the infirmary MOVE members drove up to visit him and were denied a visit by the prison. While they were visiting with Delbert Africa, Phil was secretly transported to Wilkes Barre General Hospital where he was held in total isolation, incommunicado for five days.

Prison officials at SCI-Dallas wouldn’t communicate about Phil’s condition. They told MOVE that Phil was at Wilkes Barre General hospital but  the hospital denied he was there and this back and forth lie went on for days almost the entire time Phil was being held. The hospital and the prison behaved very suspiciously denying Phil the ability to call family members or his wife of 44 years, Janine Africa, stating that she was not a blood relative. The hospital and prison received hundreds of phone calls in support of Phil from around the world. When they finally submitted to pressure and allowed Phil to call Janine on Thursday, January 8th he was heavily drugged, incoherent and couldn’t even hold the phone to talk to her

On Friday, January 9th Phil was sent back to the prison infirmary and placed in hospice care upon arrival. On Saturday, January 10th Ramona and Carlos Africa were granted permission to visit Phil in the prison infirmary. When they reached him he was incoherent and couldn’t talk or move his head to look at them. An hour after they left Delbert called with the news that Phil passed away.

Inmates in the infirmary and others in the prison were shocked when they heard the news. They had witnessed his vigorous health for decades in the prisons, had just seen him stretching and doing jumping jacks six days earlier. This rapid decline all occurred while he was being literally held incommunicado from his MOVE family at Wilkes Barre General Hospital or Dallas prison or wherever these conspirators were holding him with murderous intent. 

The fact that Phil was isolated for the six days before he passed, The prison even refused to acknowledge that he was in the hospital is beyond Suspicious 

This is another example of how the system hates MOVE and will do anything to stop MOVE. You can look at the example of August 8th, 1978 when the MOVE 9 were illegally imprisoned, and May 13th, 1985 when the government dropped a bomb and intentionally murdered 11 MOVE members to see this point clearly. When Merle Africa died in prison on March 13th, 1998 the conditions were very similar. She had been one way in the prison, but within hours of being forced to go to an outside hospital she was dead.

Phil made a deep impression on people all around the world. He was constantly writing, often dozens of letters a day, encouraging solidarity and strength, and warmly advising hundreds of people. Phil worked hard to learn to paint and created countless paintings which he sent to supporters for free to draw attention to issues, get raffled off for the struggle, and bring people together. Phil took his commitment and work as a revolutionary very seriously, but was often smiling, laughing, and giving people hugs and encouragement. He was a warm father figure to many in the prison where he taught inmates how to box, to think, and how to get stronger. Despite having two of his children murdered by the system and being separated by prison, Phil was a father figure to many. He was separated from his wife Janine for over 36 of the 44 years they were married, but he worked hard to stay connected with her even though they were so callously isolated by the system.

It’s this system’s  intention for MOVE people to die in prison. The MOVE 9 never should have been imprisoned at all, and according to their sentence they should have been paroled over six years ago. The death of Merle and Phil Africa rests directly at the feet of this government! Phil will never be forgotten and this is not the end he is dearly missed but his strong example should inspire everyone to fight harder for the freedom of the MOVE 9 and all political prisoners .This latest government treachery will be the fuel needed to motivate people to step up the pace for this revolution .





For More Info Or How You Can Help:

Contact Ramona Africa at

Sekou Mgobozi Abdullah Odinga
Warrior, Prince, Father, Grandfather & Teacher,
after 33 years of imprisonment in the gulags of the amerikkkan prison system.

Sekou was a prisoner of war (POW) imprisoned as a consequence of Cointelpro's war against the Black Liberation Movement. 

We say THANK YOU, Sekou Odinga, for your decades of work and sacrifice fighting for the self-determination and Liberation of the New Afrikan nation! FREE THE LAND!!!!



Sekou together with wife and comrade déqui kioni-sadiki.

We ask that our comrades and friends help make Sekou's return home a positive one by contributing monetarily to lighten his living and legal expenses.
Send your contribution to the Sekou Odinga Defense Committee
PO Box 380-122, Brooklyn, NY  11238




Concluding National Jericho Report
on the 53rd Session
at the Convention against Torture
Geneva, Switzerland
November 10 – 14, 2014
Submitted by: Jihad Abdulmumit

The National Jericho Movement extends its sincere thanks and gratitude to the United States Human Rights Network (USHRN)( ) for awarding Jihad Abdulmumit a full scholarship to go to the 53rd Session of the United Nations Committee Review of United States’ Compliance with the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT). Leading up to this Review, Jihad Abdulmumit served as group leader for the Political Prisoner Task Group, whose participation consisted mostly of Jericho members, and later, attorneys and representatives from other community organizations who joined in as the process developed. Attorney Standish Willis played an invaluable role in pioneering and guiding Jericho’s involvement in this international initiative.

Jihad Abdulmumit, Chairperson of the National Jericho Movement and Efia Nwangaza, Director of the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination submitted “Shadow Reports” to the UN Committee and formally presented before the full Committee. They were supported by Dhoruba bin Wahad, Institute for the Development of Pan-African Policy, who presented before the informal session and answered questions asked by the UN Committee, and Glen Ford, Executive Editor of the Black Agenda Report, who steadily captured the moments with his ink pen sword.

The two Blogs previously submitted captured much of the events relating to Political Prisoners as they unfolded. This concluding Report seeks to highlight several lessons learned and offers suggestions moving forward.

  • The USHRN is a viable mechanism to introduce the issue of US held political prisoners to the world, as well as seek redress, present related issues of lack of medical treatment, solitary confinement, physical and mental abuse, denial of parole, and long term sentences, etc. 
  • Organizations that focus on other issues such as mass incarcerations, police brutality, racism and discrimination, repressive legislation, etc. also have access to the USHRN. Jericho will continue to work more closely with the USHRN and make information on how to join and utilize this powerful mechanism for human rights known to as many people and organizations possible. The USHRN is also a vehicle for building components of a strong human rights movement.
  • At the CAT Review, although the words “political prisoners” were not uttered by the UN Committee themselves, the core issues impacting our political prisoners which appeared in both Jihad Abdulmumit’s  and Efia Nwangaza’s Shadow Reports, were embraced by the UN Committee and posed as questions for the US to answered. These issues included, 1) lack of access to proper medical care and treatment, 2) long term solidarity, and 3) lengthy sentences and repeated denial of parole or probation.
  • Presenting internationally to the UN, or to any other government body, also allows Jericho to network inside and outside of the USHRN.
  • Any international effort must be tied inextricably in to a nationally strategy. In Jericho’s case, that national strategy would be the National Coalition for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (NCTRC) – an idea coming into fruition by Dr, Mutulu.
  • Jericho will follow up and network with the dozens of contacts that were made in Geneva and attempt to clue folks in on the TRC initiative.
  • Jihad’s Working Group on political prisoners will continue to function, now in preparation for the UPR in the spring.
  • Jericho will organize to send a delegation to the Universal Periodic Review in the spring. Members, friends, and collaborations will be informed of the process and encouraged to go to Geneva, Switzerland to advocate before the UN and network to build on their issues.  


For any future updates, please reference  Updates will be sent to all of our Political Prisoners.

Submitted by: Jihad Abdulmumit

The UN Committee Against Torture
Asked U.S. about Long Term Solitary Confinement
and Lack of Access to Medical Care
by: Jihad Abdulmumit*

Jihad AbdulmumitOn Tuesday, November 11, 2014, the UN Special Committee on Torture at the 53rd Session of the Convention against Torture and Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT) in Geneva, Switzerland asked many penetrating and provocative questions to the United States government. Among these questions were those inquiring about long term solitary confinement and denial of adequate medical care and attention, both of which, directly impacts the state of political prisoners as raised in and Jihad Abdulmumit’s and Efia Nwangaza**Shadow Reports.

More specifically, about solitary confinement, UN Commissioners asked under what conditions would someone be confined to “long term” solitary confinement? What would be the purpose besides mental or physical harm and abuse? What are the rules and limitations? How does long term solitary confinement not fall within the purview of the US signed on Convention against Torture, cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment? This line of questioning on the record lends itself to political prisoners, such as Albert Woodfox and Russell Shoats, who either has been or presently are in long term solitary confinement.

In relation to lack of medical care and attention, they asked, what assurances are there that a doctor or physician’s assistant in a jail of prison does not relinquish his or her professional responsibilities under the pressure and intimidation of a prison administration? What is the standard of medical training in a prison situation? Can an inmate have access to an outside doctor to access her medical needs and balance that assessment juxtaposition to the medical diagnosis of the doctor in prison? If not, then, why not?                                        

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, after the US government’s unsatisfying response, the UN Committee followed with another round of even more penetrating questions.  During the US government’s response, young and courageous students from Chicago – “We Charge Genocide” – stood up with raised clenched fists, then holding each other’s hands high in unity for the duration of America’s responses. This powerful display of unity, protest and representation of the issues of racial police violence against Blacks in Chicago (and elsewhere), abusive use of Tasers, and no oversight and prosecution of police perpetrators of violence carried the day and captured the spirit of people in this CAT review.

The United States Human Rights Network did a phenomenal job in organizing the Review, and providing a network and mechanism for people from all over the U.S. – young and old, Black and White, victims and advocates – to present issues on the international stage. However, everyone must realize that whether an issue is heard or not, the lion’s share of the work is on stateside.

Let the cries of the oppressed be heard!

* Jihad Abdulmumit is a former Black Panther political prisoner
**Efia Nwangaza is Director of the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination



Jihad Abdulmumit, Chairperson of the National Jericho Movement for Amnesty and Freedom for all U.S. Held Political Prisoners, former Black Panther Political Prisoner at Convention Against Torture review in Geneva, Switzerland, 11/11/14 Blog #1

The Call for Freedom
for US Held Political Prisoners

By Jihad Abdulmumit*
Today and throughout the week, the NGOs and members of the United States Human Rights Network will be presenting manifold issues and examples of US violations of the international Convention against Torture (CAT) treaty which the United States government accepted and signed onto in 1994. The world will be attentive to the U.S. review under the CAT during the 53rd Session in Geneva, Switzerland.

Amongst those issues will be the call for the freedom of US held political prisoners. Presenting this issue will be Jihad Abdulmumit, Chairperson of the National Jericho Movement; Efia Nwangaza, Director of the Malcolm X Center for Self-Determination; Dhoruba bin Wahad, Institute for the Development of Pan-African Policy; and Glen Ford, Executive Editor of the Black Agenda Report.

The United States government, its States, law enforcement and penal institutions are in violation of its signed treaty obligations under the Convention Against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment by continuing to indefinitely incarcerate Political Prisoners who fought against racial violence and repression, most for well over 40 years. In spite of the progress made throughout its existence as a nation, from its inception to present, the United States has always been plagued by repressive laws, policies and racial violence inflicted upon Black people. During the 1960’s and early 70’s, a great deal of democratic unrest arose in the US, particularly in Black and poor communities that suffered because of racist bigotry and other forms of political repression and exclusion. Even then, it was only in the wake of nationwide protests and rebellions that the U.S. government was compelled to pass legislation extending civil rights to the colored counterparts of its citizenry.

The CAT clearly forbids torture in any way, fashion or form. Article One of the CAT defines torture; Article Five mandates that signature countries represented on CAT have jurisdiction, accountability, and responsibility in ensuring the human rights of its citizens and protecting them from torture and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment; and Article Fourteen establishes the fact that victims of torture have an enforceable right to compensation. And Article Sixteen also includes cruel, inhuman and degradable treatment and punishment as a violation of the CAT. Examples of such violations include selective, chronic medical neglect and long term solitary confinement.

The establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC)**, similar to that held and supported in South Africa and other countries, is recommended to the UN Committee and the US government as a reputable and respected process to (a) review this era in history – its causes and consequences – and (b) free those individuals who are indeed, by international law and popular opinion, political prisoners. Such a TRC would consist of a commissioned ad hoc committee representing a broad conscious spectrum of educators, religious communities, lawyers and community activists, and appropriate government officials.

The United States government has this moment to comply with the CAT treaty and rectify this page in its history.

* Jihad Abdulmumit is a former Black Panther political prisoner
**The TRC model was originally proposed by political prisoner Dr. Mutulu Shakur



Freedom Dance 2014

Freedom Dance Flyers for Download

* One flyer, 6" x 8", PDF
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Party With A Purpose! •  Sat. Nov 1st •  8pm - 12am

Jericho flag

Herman Ferguson


d. September 25, 2014

Revolutionary Salute!

Jericho honors Comrade Brother and co-founder of the Jericho Movement, Herman Ferguson, who passed Thursday, September 25th surrounded by his loving wife and comrades. We extend our prayers, thoughts and well-wishing to Sister Iyaluua Ferguson and the Ferguson family. Baba Herman will be memorialized in North Carolina on Saturday, October 4th, 1:30pm, at the Steven L. Lyons Funeral Home, 1515 New Bern Avenue, Raleigh, NC 27610, 919-831-2596 phone. Moments of visitation with the family, 1-1:30, prior to the Service.

Friends, comrades and well-wishers are encouraged to share a memory or leave a comforting message for the family.

Herman will also be memorialized in New York at a later date.

Survivors; beloved wife; Iyaluua Ferguson of the home; sons, Michael Ferguson (Laverne) and Mark Ferguson both of NY; daughters; Jackie and Constance Ferguson both of Los Angeles, CA; stepdaughters, Nilaja Verna Turner-Magbie (Paul) of Holly Springs and Deidre Hicks of Cary; 10 grandchildren, 14 great grandchildren, 2 great-great grandchildren and a host of other relatives and friends.


Herman and Iyaluua Ferguson
(Herman, with wife, Comrade Sister Iyaluua)

Brother Herman Ferguson represents all of us in so many ways – from working man, community organizer, educator, fugitive, husband, comrade, revolutionary, mentor, and leader. Herman played a decisive leadership role in the struggle for community control of NYC school systems of Ocean-Hill Brownsville, Harlem, and the Lower East Side in the late 60's. Brother Herman was one of Malcolm X’s close associates, and a prominent member of Malcolm X's Muslim Mosque Inc., and later one of the founding members of the Organization of Afro-American Unity (OAAU); both organizations created by Malcolm 1964. He also helped to organize the Republic of new Afrika and was a member of the Revolutionary Action Movement (RAM).

Baba Herman Ferguson passed away on Sept. 25, 2014 and was memorialized
in North Carolina on Saturday, October 4, 2014.

Herman will also be memorialized in New York at a later date.

Read more, and see video, about Herman Ferguson»



Michael Brown & Ferguson –
Jericho Statement of Solidarity
The Lesson and the Plan

The National Jericho Movement to Free all Political Prisoners sends its condolences, prayers and well-wishing to the family, friends and community of Michael Brown.

Michael Brown's Cap Michael Brown Michael Brown Family at Casket

After several centuries of state and racial violence against Black people, the trend of violence, marginalization, discrimination and consequent despair and powerlessness continues.  In the wake of the August 9th police killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, Black people again are faced with the question of how to move forward in a society that professes freedom and democracy for all. How do Black people gain true freedom from unrelenting repression and recurring violence? True freedom to express themselves in a healthy, wholesome, and natural manner? True freedom from fear and discrimination? True freedom to be productive, self-reliant, and independent?

The lesson is what happens when we fail to take charge, leadership and responsibility for own affairs!? What happens when we systematically fail to stand when needed and to build what's needed!? For what happened to Michael Brown is far too common.

The plan is to unite with other community people and organizations based upon real action, accountability, responsibility, courage, sincerity and vision; to support local leadership in making real change; to participate in this change; to value ourselves in this process of change and development; and to hold ourselves and our leaders accountable.

You can help! Please reference Jericho initiates and events highlighted on our website. You are invited and encouraged to join and participate. 

Remembering Michael Brown and counting – a life not in vain!

National Jericho Movement
"We Are Our Own Liberators"
Free Our Political Prisoners & Prisoners of War

logo Hear Rashad Lartey, Jericho representative, at Ferguson Rally after Michael Brown's funeral logo


Sign the online petition for Amnesty/Commutation of Sentence for the Omaha 2!

National Jericho Movement, P.O. Box 2164, Chesterfield, Virginia 23832