News Article
June 4, 2022

Sundiata Acoli is Home with His Family!

From Bring Sundiata Home Alliance:

On May 25, Sundiata Acoli walked out of prison into the arms of his family and loved ones! We knew this day was coming, but wanted to ensure it was official and that we saw it with our own eyes. As you can imagine, after 49 years, Sundiata is finally able to spend time with his family and we want to make sure we respect these precious moments.

To that end, we will be asking our supporters to hold off on requesting meetings with him until he can get settled and his family can love up on him by themselves. We’ll announce an official homecoming celebration in the coming weeks.

In prison, there’s no 401k, no savings plan, and no pension. It’s up to all of us to provide that. We ask for your generous support to allow Sundiata to enjoy his years of freedom with the financial stability he deserves.

All donations received will go to Sundiata’s family to care for him. Please support at

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