August 20, 2015

This is what a Comrade had to say to Hugo

 Hugo...although we never met in the flesh, for over four decades i've known who YOU are :The fearless and tireless Warrior...

one who dedicated and gave his ALL in the struggle for a better life for our People---

a better world. i've always envisioned you as an unmovable Mountain.

Sooo, the State, in its impotent arrogance, *gave* you two life sentences...and an ignorant and depraved assassin *took* your life.

But, what neither wicked and doomed force can never ever understand is that: 

YOU were the Captain of your own ship...

YOU had already given YOUR LIFE to the People. Rest in Peace, my Comrade, knowing that the trick is on them.

YOU can never die...for in death you have gained true immortality.

YOU will always be remembered wherever people gather who love and fight for Freedom Hugh Pinell, Hugo Pinell, Hugo Pinell, Hugo Pinell.

i will always remember to whisper your name upon the WIND.     

YOU fought the good fight ! We thank YOU !   Comrade

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